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I've been photographing my world since high schools days in Long Island, New York.  From there I studied at the School of Visual Arts Photography program in New York City.  Living in Manhattan for several years offered a tremendous opportunity to record the images of an urban landscape and absorb the vision of other artists in museums and galleries.

After moving to Oregon in the 1970's my eye turned to nature - forests, seascapes, mountains, rivers, flowers and fields.  While working for 30-something years in the business world I continued to pursue my interest in photography.

Since retiring in 2005 I've been able to spend more time behind my camera.  I've zoomed in to capture more abstract images - flower petals, patterns and texture in rock, color and line in flaking paint and corroding metal.

I'm excited about sharing my vision with you!

Kathy Melinis

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Email:                          Phone:  503-351-9173

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